WATER                   SEWER                    STORM WATER                  STREET LIGHTING                



Resolution No. 16-13 Approving Advance Retirement of Bonds

Resolution No. 16-12 Approving JPA Agreement for Groundwater Management

Resolution No. 16-11 Moving Board Member Election to November of Even-Numbered Years

Resolution No. 16-10 Accept Audit Report for FY Ended June 30, 2016

Resolution No. 16-9 Amendment to Paragraph 7.02 MRWPCA JPA

Resolution No. 16-8 Adopting the Disrict Budget for FY 2016-2017

Resolution No. 16-7 Declaring the Results of the Prop 218 Protest Count for Proposed Increases for Castroville Zone 2 Sewer Services

Resolution No. 16-6 Delcaring a Level 1 Water Supply Shortage (11% Reduction) in Effect Until January 2017

Resolution No. 16-5 Levying of Assessments and Property-Related Fees and Charges

Resolution No. 16-4 Approving Submittal to CPUC of Draft "In Concept" Return Water Purchase Agreeement

Resolution No. 16-3 Extending Drought Restrictions Until October 2016

Resolution No. 16-2 Approving Return Water Planning Term Sheet

Resolution No. 16-1 Naming the New Water Treatment Plant in Honor of Mr. Silvio Bernardi

Resolution No. 15-10 Declaring the Results of the Prop 218 Protest Count for Proposed Water Increases for Castroville Zone 1 & No Majority Protest & Setting  January 19, 2016 as the Date for Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 66 to Encact Revised Rate Schedule

Resolution No. 15-9 Accept Audit Report for FYE 6/30/15

Resolution No. 15-8 Establish Capitalization Policy

Resolution No. 15-7 Accepting 2015 Moss Landing Sewer Allocation Plan

Resolution No. 15-6 Enter into Grant Agreement w/ CA Dept of Water Resources

Resolution No. 15-5 Adopting District Budget for FY 2015-16

Resolution No. 15-4 Elections of SDRMA Board of Directors

Resolution No. 15-3 Requesting County Elections to Conduct Elections 

Resolution No. 15-2 Levying of Assessments, and Property-Related Fees and Charges

Resolution No. 15-1 Declaring a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage (25% Reduction)